Glassman High Voltage is a leading designer and manufacturer of High Voltage power supplies/DC power supplies for the High Voltage and Vacuum Process equipment market segments. A Glassman DC power supply can range in output from 15W-50kW with output voltages operating down to 50V thru 400kV.  A High Voltage power supply of this type can be offered in modular or Rack-mount configuration as well as special packaging to meet customer-specific mechanical requirements. Most Glassman DC power supplies are offered utilizing proprietary Air Insulation dielectric technology. Air poses numerous reliability and serviceability benefits in comparison to competing solid and liquid dielectric technologies.
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EV Series
3 kW Regulated
High Voltage
DC Power Supplies

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EV Series HV Power Supply
Models from 0 to 750V through 0 to 1500 V, 3.5” H x 19” W x 20” D, 19.5 lbs.
Please refer to Technology > Applications page on our web site for typical applications.

The EV Series are fully compliant with the Following European Directives:
EN61010-1/ IEC61010-1, Safety
EN61000-6-4, Conducted and Radiated Emissions
EN61000-6-2, Conducted and Radiated Immunity
2011/65/EU, Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
  • 750 to 1500V
  • 3.5" Panel
  • CE Compliant
  • RoHS Compliant

The 3000 Watt EV Series breaks new ground in regulated high voltage DC power supply technology. The outstanding power density of 3 kW in a 2U package is provided at up to 1500 V without the reliability issues inherent in connecting multiple low voltage supplies in series to achieve a higher voltage.

The EV Series offers the features you’ve come to expect in a cutting-edge power supply. Some of the unique features are:

  • Embedded microprocessor control with RS232, RS485, and USB communications as standard features (Ethernet optional); full analog remote capability is retained.
  • A fully floating output isolated to 1500V allows the user to select the polarity by choosing which side of the output to connect to Ground.
  • Field strappable parallel operation allows the user to add additional units as required to increase the output power.

Sophisticated circuitry is designed to withstand the most demanding applications with ease. Whether used in a laboratory environment, industrial process such as plasma coating or beam steering, the EV Series design benefits from our 30 plus years of application engineering experience. The result of our efforts is a full-featured power supply with conservative design, long life, and uncompromising reliability.

Compliance with RoHS and CE international standards allows the user to integrate the EV Series into products as an approved component, and, as opposed to using non-approved items which saves engineering time and costs. Please take a few minutes and read on, we have only touched the surface of EV Series’ broad range of capabilities.

Features Specifications Options Models Outline


Input.  Single phase over the input voltage range of 198 VAC to 264 VAC, with active power factor correction.

Floating Output.  Either output terminal may be grounded for operation as a positive or negative supply.

Embedded Microcontroller control.  Front panel digital encoders provide high resolution local adjustment of voltage and current program.  Integral RS-232, RS-485, USB and optional Ethernet communications provide remote control program and monitor with 12 bit accuracy.

Remote Analog Interface.  User selectable 0-5V or 0-10V analog programming and monitors.

Field Strappable Parallel Operation.  Up to 4 identical supplies may be operated in parallel with user configurable master and active current sharing.

Zero Space Stacking.  2U rack mount supplies may be stacked with no space required between supplies.

Low Ripple.  Ripple is less than 0.1% RMS of rated voltage at full load up to 1 MHz.  Total ripple and noise is less 0.2% p-p of rated voltage up to 20 MHz.

Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation.  Automatic crossover from constant-voltage to constant-current regulation provides protection against overloads, arcs and short circuits. 

Constant Current/Current Trip.  A rear panel switch allows selection of either current mode.

Cooling.  Forced air with high speed frictionless bearing technology fans. This reduces noise and extends fan life.

Last Setting Memory.  The unit stores power supply parameters at each AC turn-off sequence. Stored parameters are: Output Voltage Setting, Output Current Setting, OVP level, UVP level, Address and Baud Rate.

Warranty.  Standard power supplies are warranted for three years; OEM and modified power supplies are warranted for one year.  A formal warranty statement is available.

Input:  198-264 VAC continuous, single-phase, 48-63Hz. The RMS input current at rated power is less than 20 A @ 198 VRMS input.

Inrush Current:  30 A max.  peak inrush current, 198 to 264 VAC.

Efficiency:  85% typical at full load.

Power factor: 0.99 typical at full load.

Output:  Continuous, stable adjustment, from 0 to rated voltage or current by panel mounted optical rotary encoder or by external, user selectable, 0 to +5V or 0 to +10V  signals.  Voltage accuracy is 0.5% of setting + 0.2% of rated.  Current accuracy is 0.5% of setting + 0.2% of rated.  Voltage and Current programming ranges are selected by switches that are accessible from the rear panel.  Optical rotary encoder resolution: 1V and 1mA with "Fine Adjustment" mode selected.  10 V and 10 mA with "Coarse Adjustment" mode (default).

Static Line Regulation:  Better than 0.01% of the Voltage and Current Ratings  for 198-264 VAC line variations, under constant load.

Static Load Regulation: Max. 0.1% of Rating for full load to no load variation.

Current Regulation: Better than 0.02% of the rating + 4mA, for short circuit to rated output voltage variation. The minimum impedance required to meet this specification in short circuit is 1 ohm.

Dynamic Voltage Regulation:  Typical deviation is 2.5% of rating with recovery to within .5% of  rating in 2ms for load transients from 10% to 100% and 100% to 10%.

Ripple and noise (p-p, up to 20 MHz):  Max. 0.4% of rated voltage. 

Ripple (RMS, 10 Hz - 1 MHz):  Max. 0.1% of rated voltage.  The ripple and noise are measured at the output connectors of the supply.

Temperature Coefficient:  Max. 100 ppm per deg C following 30 minute warm up.

Stability: Max. 0.05% of rated over 8 hours time interval, following 30 minute warm up.

Voltage Rise Time Constant: Typical 45 ms using any of the HV ON, HV enable, local, the remote serial or the remote analog control.

Voltage Decay Time Constant: Typical 45 ms time constant for an equivalent resistive load at the output of 15% of the rated full load.

Polarity: Output is floating and either (DC+) or (DC -) can be connected to chassis ground for reversible polarity.  The sum of the output voltage and the float voltage should not exceed 1500 VDC.

Field Strappable Parallel operation:  Up to 4 identical units can be connected in parallel providing active current sharing with user configurable master - slave configuration.

Analog Voltage Monitor: User selectable 0 to +5 V or 0 to +10 V, equals 0 to rated, with an accuracy of .5% of reading + 0.2% of rated.

Analog Current Monitor: User selectable 0 to +5 V or 0 to +10 V, equals 0 to Rated,  with an accuracy of .5% of reading + 0.2% of rated.

RS232/485 Programming and Monitor Accuracy:
Resolution: 0.025% of full scale for both the voltage and the current channels.

Remote setting accuracy:  Voltage setting accuracy is better than 0.5% of setting + 0.2% of rated.  Current setting accuracy is better than 0.5% of setting + 0.2% of rated.

Remote reading accuracy: Voltage reading accuracy is 0.5% of reading + 0.2% of rated.  Current reading accuracy is 0.5% of reading + 0.2% of rated.
Protection:  Automatic current regulation protects against all overloads, including arcs and short circuits. Thermal switches and temperature rise sensing circuits protect against thermal overload.  Fuses, surge-limiting resistors, and low energy components provide ultimate protection.

External Interlock:  Open = off, closed = on.

Front Panel Elements. 
Output Voltage Display:  4 Digits / 0.2% ± 1 count accuracy; 1 V resolution.

Output Current Display:  4 Digits / 0.2% ± 1 count accuracy; 1 mA resolution.

Indicators:  Current Mode, Voltage Mode, Fault, Fine Adjustment, Preset, Remote/Local, HV On.

AC Power: Rocker switch with integral indicator.

Switches (momentary):  Baud Rate, Address, Remote/Local, Fine Adjust, Preset, HV On, UVP Adjust, OVP Adjust.

Rotary Encoders:  Voltage Adjust, Current Adjust.

Rear Panel Elements:  AC power entry IEC inlet connector, AC On indicator, ground stud, HV output connectors, multifunction DIP switch, Analog Interface Connector, RS-232/RS485 connectors, USB, and optional Ethernet connectors.

Control and Status Signals (J1) Implemented with TTL compatible, 0 to 5.5 V CMOS, positive logic circuitry.

LOC/REM  Status:  LOW/HIGH indicates Local / Remote Control Mode.

ENABLE/REMA Input:  Active in Remote Analog control as HV enable. LOW / HIGH for HV OFF / ON. Logic can be reversed by selected switch on the rear panel.

V/I MODE Status: HIGH / LOW indicates that output is in Voltage/ Current Mode.

LOC/REMA Enable: LOW /HIGH sets the power supply in Local / Remote analog mode.

FAULT Status: Active HIGH, indicates a fault condition. Logic can be reversed by selected switch on the rear panel.  The continuously monitored faults are: Input Undervoltage, Over Temperature, Over Voltage, Over Current, Interlock and (optional) Arc Fault.

HV Status: LOW /HIGH indicates that HV output is OFF/ ON.

Operating Temperature: 0 to +40 deg C, full load.

Operating Humidity: < 90% RH (non-condensing).

Storage Temperature: -20 to +70 deg C.

Storage Humidity:  < 95 % RH (non-condensing).

Altitude: For operation above 6500 ft and up to 10,000 ft. MAX, de-rate the output current linearly from 100% to 80% of rated.

Cooling: Forced air cooling with internal fans.

Dimensions (W X H X D):  19" X 3.5" X 20". Refer to the outline drawing.

Weight: 19.5 lbs (8.9 kg)

AC Input:  IEC 60320-C20 inlet with mating IEC 60320-C19 to NEMA 6-20P power cord.

Output Connectors:  2 high voltage, HN (UG-496 style) bulkhead connectors. Mating HN cables with 10 feet of RG8U are provided.

Withstand Voltage and Insulation (HI-POT):

Input to Output: 2500 VAC RMS,

Input to Ground:  2000 VAC RMS,

Output to Ground: 2500 VAC RMS,

Input to SELV:  2000 VAC RMS,

Output to SELV:  2500 VAC RMS,

Customer Serial Interface to EV GND:  1000 VAC RMS.

Accessories: 10 foot RS232 null modem cable, 3 foot RS485 daisy chain cable and 10 foot USB cable are provided.


Option Description
200 VAC 180 to 220 VRMS, 48-63 Hz. Output power is linearly derated from 100% to 90% between 200 VAC and 180 VAC.
Slow Start Slow Start Ramp: Specify standard times of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 seconds, ±20%.
Arc Quench Arc Quench: An arc quench feature provides sensing of each load arc and quickly inhibits the HV output for approximately 20 ms after each arc.
Arc Count Arc Count: Internal circuitry senses the number of arcs caused by external load discharges. If the rate of consecutive arcs exceeds approximately 2 arcs per second for at least five arcs, the supply will turn off for approximately 2.5 seconds to allow clearance of the fault. After this period, the supply will return automatically to the  programmed output voltage value with the voltage rise time constant indicated. If the load fault still exists, the above cycle will be repeated 
Latching Arc Count Same as Arc Count with the exception that the output will be latched off rather than recover automatically after 2.5 s. The Arc Fault is reset by cycling HV Enable OFF/ON either in LOCAL or REMOTE control mode or by cycling AC Power OFF/ON. 
Ethernet Virtual RS-232 COM port over Ethernet network. (Requires compatible OS (eg Windows) for COM drivers). Note: RS-485 feature is removed when Ethernet option is installed.


Click on the model number below to request a quote and for complete ordering part number.

Model Output
Ripple and
Noise MAX (P-P)
EV0.7F4.0 0-750 V 0-4.0 A 5 J 3 V
EV1.0F3.0 0-1000 V 0-3.0 A 9 J 4 V
EV1.2F2.4 0-1250 V 0-2.4 A 14 J 5 V
EV1.5F2.0 0-1500 V 0-2.0 A 11.3 J 6 V

Outline Drawing

EV Series O&I