Glassman High Voltage is a leading designer and manufacturer of High Voltage power supplies/DC power supplies for the High Voltage and Vacuum Process equipment market segments. A Glassman DC power supply can range in output from 15W-50kW with output voltages operating down to 50V thru 400kV.  A High Voltage power supply of this type can be offered in modular or Rack-mount configuration as well as special packaging to meet customer-specific mechanical requirements. Most Glassman DC power supplies are offered utilizing proprietary Air Insulation dielectric technology. Air poses numerous reliability and serviceability benefits in comparison to competing solid and liquid dielectric technologies.
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MK Series
75 Watt Regulated
High Voltage
DC Modules

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MK Series HV Power Supply
Models from 0-1kVDC through 0-60kVDC; weight <11 lbs.
The MK Series with 220 option, are fully compliant with the following European Directives:
EN61000-3-2, Line Harmonics.
EN61010/ IEC61010, Safety.
EN61000-6-4, Conducted and Radiated Emissions.
EN61000-6-2:2005, Conducted and Radiated Immunity.
2011/65/EU, Restriction of the use of hazardous substances (RoHS)
  • Medium Power
  • Premium Performance
  • Low Cost
  • RoHS Compliant

The MK Series of 75 watt high voltage supplies are air insulated, fast response units, with tight regulation and low arc discharge currents. 

Please refer to Technology > Applications page on our web site for typical applications.

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Current Regulation Unequalled in a Module of This Price Range. For example, the regulation from short circuit to rated voltage for the 15kV, 5mA model is +2.5 microamperes.

Glassman's "Air Insulated" designs are completely serviceable; this module is not an epoxy block "throw-away."

YY1 Option:115/230VAC selectable input; switch located on front panel for setting appropriate mains input.  CE Mark not available with this option.

AC Power "ON" Indicator.

Standard Accessories: Detachable 8' shielded output cable, mating control connector and line cord.

Constant Voltage/Current Operation -Standard

Low Stored Energy. Less than 800 millijoules for most models.

"Multi-Mode" operation permits maximum user flexibility.

  • Local Voltage or Current Control, user selectable.
  • Remote Voltage and/or Current Control via 0 ~ +10 Volt signal.
  • Remote Voltage and/or Current Control via potentiometers.

Protection: Overload, short circuit, and arc protection is provided by automatic current regulation and by careful surge limiting design.

External Interlock Terminals

TTL Enable/Disable

Warranty. Standard power supplies are warranted for three years; OEM and modified power supplies are warranted for one year. A formal warranty statement is available.


(From 5% to 100% Rated Voltage. All units operate down to zero output with very slight degradation of performance.)

Input: 105-125V RMS, 48-420Hz single phase, less than 1.5 amperes. 180 VA maximum at full load. C14 input connector per IEC 60320, with mating line cord, provided.

Efficiency: Better than 75% at full load.

Output: Continuous, stable adjustment, from 0 to rated voltage or current by panel mounted 10-turn potentiometer with 0.05% resolution, or by external 0 to 10V signals is provided. Voltage accuracy is 1% of setting + 0.5% of rated. Repeatability is <0.1% of rated.

Stored Energy: 10kV model, 200 millijoules; 50kV model, 1 joule.

Voltage Regulation: Better than 0.005% + 1mV/mA, line and load.

Ripple: Better than 0.03% RMS of rated voltage +0.5V at full load.

Current Regulation: Better than 0.05% from short circuit to rated voltage at any load condition.

Voltage Monitor: Zero to + 10V DC signal is provided for zero to rated voltage. Accuracy, 1% of reading +0.5% of rated.

Current Monitor: Zero to + 10V DC signal is provided for zero to rated current. Accuracy, 1% of reading +0.05% of rated.

Stability: 0.01% per hour after 1/2 hour warm-up. 0.05% per 8 hours.

Voltage Rise/Decay Time Constant: Using either the HV on/off or remote voltage control, with a 75% load, the output voltage will rise or decay with a typical time constant of 50 milliseconds (100mS maximum).

Temperature Coefficient: 0.01% per degree C.

Ambient Temperature: - 20 degree C to + 60 degree C, operating; -40 degree C to + 85 degree C storage.

Polarity: Available with either positive or negative polarity with respect to chassis ground.

Protection: Automatic current regulation protects the power supply against all overload conditions, including arcs and short circuits. Fuses, surge limiting resistors, and low energy components provide the ultimate protection.

AC Power "ON" Indicator.

Accessories: Detachable 8' shielded output cable (see Models chart for cable type), mating control connector, and line cord.

Remote Controls: A DB25S D-subminiature connector and mating plug are provided for all control input functions. These include common, + 10 volt reference, interlock, current monitor, current program, voltage monitor, voltage program, TTL, ground, and local control.

External Interlock: Open off, closed on.

HV Enable/Disable: 2.5 to 10V on, 0 - 1.5V off.


Symbol Description
100 100 Volt input: rated for 90 to 110 volts RMS. 48-63 Hz.
230 220 Volt input: rated for 198 to 253 volts RMS. 48-63 Hz. Required for CE.
400 400Hz input: Available for standard and options 100 and 220. (Not CE.)
YY1 115/230VAC selectable input; switch located on front panel.
GE9 RS-232 Control and monitor.


Click on the model number below to request a quote and for complete ordering part number.

MK1P75L MK1N75L 0-1kV 0-75mA RG-59
MK1.5P50L MK1.5N50L 0-1.5kV 0-50mA RG-59
MK2P37.5L MK2N37.5L 0-2kV 0-37.5mA RG-59
MK3P25L MK3N25L 0-3kV 0-25mA RG-59
MK5P15L MK5N15L 0-5kV 0-15mA RG-59
MK10P7.5 MK10N7.5 0-10kV 0-7.5mA RG-8U
MK15P5 MK15N5 0-15kV 0-5mA RG-8U
MK20P3.7 MK20N3.7 0-20kV 0-3.7mA RG-8U
MK25P3 MK25N3 0-25kV 0-3mA RG-8U
MK30P2.5 MK30N2.5 0-30kV 0-2.5mA RG-8U
MK35P2 MK35N2 0-35kV 0-2mA RG-8U
MK40P1.8 MK40N1.8 0-40kV 0-1.8mA RG-8U
MK50P1.5 MK50N1.5 0-50kV 0-1.5mA RG-8U
MK60P1.2 MK60N1.2 0-60kV 0-1.2mA RG-8U

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